BROKEN RAINBOW - Ballads for an Apocalyptic World

The cover shows the end-time vision with a sightless, dressed-up girl holding a dark crow amidst a barren landscape, oblivious of the destruction around her. Only a little glimpse of hope can be seen in the form of an, albeit fading, rainbow.

The songs on "Broken Rainbow" range from the lead single's topic of depression and addiction ("Your Heroin") to the important role alleged villains often play in fostering what is good ("Holy Judas"), and the depths of human behavior ("Little Death", "The Day I Met You", "Alibis"). With the creepy cover version of Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Bad Moon Rising", and "The Man Who Drew Cats", a biographical song about Louis Wain, famous for his illustrations of anthropomorphic cats, no:carrier again show a wide range of topics and musical influences, and merge it with their signature Electro Noir style.

no:carrier 2016 (left to right):
Lauralee Brown, Scilla Siekmann, Liza Marie Sparks, Chris Wirsig, Cynthia Wechselberger, Bobby Halvorson

After the 2015 release of "Ghosts Of The West Coast", an EP with four unlikely cover versions, that delighted reviewers and fans alike, "Broken Rainbow" is no:carrier's fourth full-length album. After starting out in Germany in the mid-1990's, the band's main force Chris Wirsig relocated to California in 2012, while singer Cynthia Wechselberger stayed in Germany. Since then the two-piece band grew into a bigger project, incorporating singers from San Francisco and Los Angeles, where Chris now lives.

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